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Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #2: Silent In The Grave

Hi guys! We’re excited to announce the book for the next VF Google + Hangout is Deanna Raybourn’s Silent In The Grave

This is the first book in the Lady Julia Grey series. The story follows Julia as she attempts to solve her husband’s murder with the reluctant help of handsome yet enigmatic private inquisitor Nicholas Brisbane. HE IS SUPER BROODY WITH A MYSTERIOUS PAST. Heh. It’s also set in Victorian England and written with a deliciously smart sense of humor by Raybourn (who is actually from Texas which is funny).

Please join us in reading Silent in the Grave and then for the sure to be super fun G+ on air hangout February 27th at 8pm (PST)!

Keep checking this tumblr for details and also join our Goodreads discussion group for lots of pre and post Vaginal Fantasy talk!


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